Coeus Systems offers several services from web hosting, social media marketing, PC repairs, mobile apps and more.

Web Hosting

We provide affordable and compelling web design and hosting for your business. Click on the "Web Hosting" tab or visit our web hosting store at Web Hosting Store.

Social Media Marketing

We can create a social media marketing campaign for you using Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Email.  We can increase traffic to your website with our search engine optimization (SOE) to improve search engine rankings.

PC Repairs

We can remove viruses from your computer such as boot sector, worm, Trojan, ad-ware, tracking, web high jacking and all others.  We can clean your computer of unwanted files and apply the latest operating system updates and patches.  We can also help speed up you computer by cleaning the registry and re indexing your files. We also service home and small businesses in the local area.

Mobile Apps

We have had several games featured in the App Store and Android Market. Our top app on the iPhone is "IT", and our "IHide UFind" series does quite well in the Android Market.  We have over twenty apps on both the iPhone and Android devices.


Our newest endeavor is into electronics. Specifically, the micro controllers field. We are currently prototyping and developing a device that we hope to share with you soon.







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